Technics MOS A Class A600mk3 Amp + CD Player + Tuner

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by MistaK, May 27, 2013.

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    Not Sure if anyone on here would be interested, but my dad's getting rid of his Technics separate system because he's replacing it with some silly posh thing that's the size of a small car but only has 3 buttons and one dial. Anyway, few minor scratches but in pretty good nick.

    No Description as i'm sure you'll be able to google the following Model Numbers:

    Amplifier: Technics A600 Mk3
    Tuner: Technics ST-GT650
    CD Player: Technics SL-PG380A

    Ideally would like to sell them as a whole package, i'll stick some photo's up on request.

    No Boxes, but I still have the manuals for the Amp and Tuner.

    Throw me a few offers and i'm sure we can come to some arrangement :)

    Pick up from South Shields only.

    AND i'll chuck in some little aiwa 70w speakers that i've got kicking around my gaff for nowt.
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