Smurf 2hr 30m 1990 warehouse/techno/bleep mix

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    Smurf 2hr 30m 1990 warehouse/techno/bleep mix

    Recorded from Only Oldskool Radio 30/11/2010

    First in a series of monthly mixes, focusing on a different year each month.

    Series 1 - 1990
    Together – Hardcore Uproar (FFRR)
    Xpansions – Elevation (Optimism)
    Fierce Rulling Diva – Rubb It In (Lower East Side)
    Modular Expansion Uni1 – Cubes (Music Man)
    Shut Up & Dance - £10 To Get In (Shut Up And Dance)
    Altern 8 – Move My Body (Network)
    Beltram – Energy Flash (R&S)
    D-Shake – Techno Trance (Cooltempo)
    TTO – TTO (OTT Mix) (white label)
    Charlie Say’s – Bass N Buzz (Headfuck remix) (Moving Shadow)
    Fabio & Grooverider – Rage (Perception)
    Pink Noise – Gimme Some More (Energy) (Energy Revised Club Mix) (Northcott)
    Dr Baker – Kaos (Baby Mix) (Desire)
    A Homeboy & Hippe & A Funky Dredd – Total Confusion (Confusion Mix) (Tam Tam)
    Franke De Wulf – Magic Orchestra (Music Man)
    Digital Boy – Gimme A Fat Beat (Jet Mix) (Flying)
    Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia (Original Remix) (Streetbeats)
    GTO – Pure (Energy) (Cooltempo)
    Pulse – Powerhouse (R&S)
    Frequency – Hey Hey Hey (Lower East Side)
    Lost – The Gonzo (Perfecto)
    Westworld – The Slam(Total Remix) (West World)
    Sonic Nitemare (Long Version) (Groove Lines)
    Kick Squad – Soundclash (Champion Sound) (Hypermix) (Kickin)
    The Predator – Outer Limits (Andromeda Mix) (Industrial)
    Arkanoid – No Problem (Flanger Mix) (Hi Tech)
    Ital Rockers – Ital’s Anthem (Trebledown-bassup mix) (Bassic)
    MIC – Oobe 1 (Slippy Gimbo)
    Angel – Sweet Dreams Nightmare Mix (RCA)
    D-Shake – Yaaah (Freestyle Club mix) (Cooltempo)
    Space Opera – Space 3001 (Part One) (XL)
    Techno Grooves – They Have Not Lived (R&S)
    Techno Grooves – TECHNID (R&S)
    Spectrum – Brazil (R&S)
    Zero B – Module (Ignition)
    Nightmares On Wax – I'm For Real (Warp)
    N-Joi – Techno Gangsters (DeConstruction)
    LFO – LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) (Warp)
    DHS – House Of God ($50 Mix) (Hangman)
    Suburban Knight – The Art Of Stalking (Transmat)
    Cybersonik – Technarchy (Champion)
    Holy Noise – Father Forgive Them (The Trends Mix) (Hithouse)
    The Break Boys – My House Is Your House (Fourth Floor)
    Frank De Wulf – The Tape (Music Man)
    Robin Wants Revenge (Record Review)
    N-Joi – Anthem (Deconstruciont)
    Neon – Dont Mess With This Beat (Instrumental Mix) (Target)
    T99 - Anastasia (XL)

    Enjoy :)
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