rework.ncl vs Tyne Psyde vs Pitch Black | MIND Charity Event

Discussion in 'Going Out' started by Alan Ruddick, May 19, 2016.

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    rework.ncl vs Tyne Psyde (Room 1)

    Mick Trauma
    Paul Shepherd
    Dan Shepherd vs Ross Anderson

    Pitch Black (Room 2)
    Alan Ruddick (Open to Close)

    All proceeds go to MIND. Donations on the door.

    ReWork.ncl, Tyne Psyde and Pitch Black, the three most forward-thinking underground dance brands in the North-East, come together for an epic trance & psytrance event in aid of ‘Mind,’ an important charity that raises funds and awareness for mental health.

    Upstairs you will find the ReWork.ncl & Tyne Psyde arena, where the brains behind Tyne Psyde Mick Trauma will be supported by Paul Shepherd, B.D.I and Dan Sheperd & Ross Anderson, providing a full spectrum of house, trance and psytrance.

    Downstairs Research & Development label owner Alan Ruddick presents an all-night live edition of his Pitch Black radio concept. Alan Ruddick is a true DJ and this open-to-close feature will showcase the full range of his skill set and the depth of his understanding of dance music.

    The ticket price is a choice of donation, and all proceeds go to the Mind charity. Doors open at 11PM at the newly refurbished World Headquarters venue in Newcastle on the 2nd September 2016.
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