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    This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome back the female power of Psy-Sisters for their
    third showcase here on Psylicious Radio. Enjoy!

    Listen to the show: Turn on, Tune in, Drop out,Click Here!

    Radio Show Schedule:

    ChoZen Jo - Temple Twister Recs / Milega Recs (UK)

    Dj ChoZen Jo, who is Jo Faull, has always loved music. As a teenager in London, she was a
    founding member of the legendary punk band “The Flowers of Romance”.
    Moving to New York, Jo worked as a film editor. A documentary film editing project brought
    her to Goa, India where she discovered psychedelic trance, started collecting and following
    the music, and in a natural evolution she started to DJ.
    ChoZen Jo is best known for her deep atmospheric style, with strong percussive elements and
    melodic influences, and an attention to the sonic story.

    Facebook: Click Here
    Instagram: Click Here
    Soundcloud: Click Here
    Youtube: Click Here

    CYAN - Hypnotique Recordings (AU)

    Cyan is a Melbourne based act by Emma Johns.
    Primarily a night time orientated project, she originally started her journey with Biopulse
    Records (UK), playing hard-hitting twilight which was soon accompanied by bouncy night-psy.
    These days her taste has developed to incorporate various styles of forest and dark which lead
    to joining the Hypnotique Recordings label in 2019 participating as the Australian Rep.

    Facebook: Click Here
    Instagram: Click Here
    Soundcloud: Click Here

    Inia - Andean Tribe Records(BO)

    Inia is the name of a river pink dolphin of one of her countries, Bolivia, she is Spanish, too. Inia
    is a member of the connoted south American psytrance label Andean Tribe Records, she began her project
    in 2013, by choosing a Forest/Nocturnal line of sounds.
    Showing a high quality proposal, creating full-of-nature atmospheres, inducing to an all-together trip.

    Facebook: Click Here
    Bandcamp: Click Here
    Soundcloud: Click Here
    Instagram: Click Here
    Label: Click Here

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