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    This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome Belgian based Goa trance label, Goa Madness Records, who will
    be providing you all with some tranced out hypnotic bliss featuring a DJ set from Kuririn with producer
    live showcases from Ephedra and Moon Beasts. Enjoy!

    Goa Madness Records is a Belgian Goatrance label created during the summer 2013 by Ephedra & Kuririn,
    releasing fresh Goa trance coming from all horizons.
    Goa Madness aims to provide various styles ranging from acidic & highly psychedelic Goa trance that will
    perfectly fit on every dancefloor during the night, to more melodic, spiritual or euphoric Goatrance that
    will raises the smiles in parties during the shiny mornings.

    Listen to the show: Here

    KURIRIN [Goa Madness Recs] BE

    Kuririn is Julien Daine, a Belgian DJ who started to get involved into music in his early teens.
    His first contact with electronic music was @ the age of 14 when he got interested in progressive &
    uplifting trance. He discovered Goatrance a bit later while he went to his first party in 2003.
    He was immediately hooked by this style and became more & more interested by those psychedelic sounds.

    After 1 year, he decided to buy some DJ equipment and started to collect some music. Since then he played
    at numerous parties in Belgium and abroad. His DJ sets can be filled with modern Goatrance or even old
    school stuff ranging from melodic to darker styles depending on the momentum.

    Since 2013 he is also co-manager of Goa Madness records with “Ephedra” and since 2017 he is also DJ'ing for
    Zion 604.
    For this showcase you can expect a lot of modern Goatrance including plenty of Goa Madness Goodies!

    Track List Played:
    01: Rising Dust & Skizologic - Sadhu
    02: Coredata - Alien Treat
    03: Psychowave - Never Ending Mystery
    04: Youth - Future Primitive (ft SuperModule)
    05: Jikooha & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Ufo Phenomenon (Etnica remix)
    06: D.E.D.E - Sun in my Eyes
    07: InnerZone - Mind Explorer
    08: Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba remix)
    09: Cactus Arising - Dark Dreams
    10: JaraLuca - Fata Morgana
    11: Mini Spacer - Blijf in uw Kot
    12: JoyFul Natives & Ohm Mind - Maitreya Aum
    13: Pete & Pan - Passing Spirits
    14: JIS - Zero Gravity

    Kuririn Links: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

    EPHEDRA [Goa Madness Recs] BE
    Ephedra is Alexandre Cohen, a Belgian producer/ DJ born in Brussels. Alex musical trip started around
    1998 when he discovered electronic music.
    He began slowly to buy DJ equipment and started to play progressive trance for his own pleasure.
    After some years training with the decks he got interested in many others electronic styles like techno,
    house, electro and began to play in small student parties.

    After some time, he discovered Goa trance / psytrance while he was at a festival in Belgium. He was so
    impressed and directly felt in love...
    Some times later he began to play in small oldskool Goa parties and started to produce his own music.

    Soon after he had the opportunity to be a resident for the German party org “Tranceforce prod” and started
    to play live acts and DJ sets in Germany a few times a year.

    His first release « Acid rain » appeared on the compilation « Goa overdose 2 » (UAF recs) followed by many
    other releases on labels such as Suntrip records, Sita records, Ovnimoon recs & more.
    His first album "Journey through my head" was released in 2014 on Goa Madness Records, followed by 2 other

    He already played in several countries such as: Israel, Brazil, Japan, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Poland,
    Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Lebanon and off course Belgium...
    His style can best be described as melodic, euphoric and sometimes acidic Goatrance with a lot of different influences.
    Alex is also one of the label mangers of « Goa Madness records »

    For this showcase, Alex will present some tracks from his upcoming album "Another Place On Earth" that will be released
    this autumn blended with some of his classics!

    Track List Played:
    01: Ephedra - 3000 Emotions
    02: Ephedra - Dissapearing dreams
    03: Ephedra - Friday Cosmos
    04: Ephedra - Kick Out The Pain
    05: Ephedra - Deep Inside Feelings
    06: Ephedra - They've Arrived
    07: Ephedra - Experiments
    08: Ephedra - Vertigo

    Ephedra Links: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

    MOON BEASTS [Goa Madness Recs] BE
    So, what's "Moon Beasts" you ask?
    Well, besides being nightmarish monstrosities living on the dark side of the Dreamlands' moon, it's also
    the name of a collaboration project between Alexandre Cohen (that's Ephedra), and Jerome Lesterps
    (a.k.a Proxeeus), respectively from Belgium & France.

    They decided to join forces a couple of years ago, first by making a collaboration track (which ended up
    being featured on Ephedra's 3rd album), and when they were asked to perform a complete collaborative set
    in Portugal earlier in 2019, they decided to take things up a notch and transformed this into a full-blown
    music project.

    What's to expect then ? My, ya'll are a curious bunch. The general idea is to obviously make a blend of both
    styles, with Ephedra’s floaty, melodic side bringing some kind of balance to Proxeeus’ more aggressive sound,
    which should result in something greater than the sum of its parts.

    According to Proxeeus though, it’s simply a plot to prevent Ephedra from making fluffy stuff and to bring him
    to the Dark Side (because we’ve got cookies over there, yo).

    What’s the right answer, We’ll let you decide for yourself. Now, if you’re willing, we’ll shut up, and let the
    music speak for itself. Beastly yours,
    In This Showcase, Moon Beasts will present some of the new tracks from their upcoming releases!

    Track List Played:
    01: Moon Beasts - Aquilon
    02: Moon Beasts - On The Prowl
    03: Moon Beasts - Separate Species
    04: Moon Beasts - Waiting For Change
    05: Moon Beasts - Demon Star
    06: Moon Beasts - Darker Territories
    07: Moon Beasts - Jupiter 19
    08: Moon Beasts - Escaping The Plague

    Moon Beasts Links: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

    Goa Madness Records Links: Website | Twitter | FacebooK | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram | Bandcamp | Discogs | Beatport

    Thanks for listening...
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