Michael McLardy - Audiophile Podcast 011

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Michael, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Michael McLardy - Audiophile Podcast 011

    Just knocked together a new mix to promote Notts night audiophile so thought id pop the link on here. Got quite a few new productions on aswell.


    01. People Just Do Nothing - Intro [Intro]
    02. Greg Parker - Get High (Dub Version) [Plastic City]
    03. Michael McLardy - Goodbye To The Circus [Baker Street Records]
    04. Tom Davis - In Your House - (Chris Rawles Remix) [Deso Records]
    05. Miles Maeda - Friend Of Mine (Jay Tripwire Mix) [Back To The Future]
    06. Michael McLardy - Hipster's Vibe [Deep Editions Recordings]
    07. Matt Prehn - Insomniac Oasis (The Timewriter Remix) [Baker Street Records]
    08. Michael McLardy - Three Times A Piano [Deso Records]
    09. The Junkies - No Matter Where (Chris Lattner Remix) [SK Supreme]
    10. Solead - Wander (Okain Remix) [Metroline Limited]
    11. Phasen - Floridian (Michael McLardy Remix) [Unnamed Label]
    12. Dapayk & Padberg feat Caro - Island (Michael McLardys Bootleg Mix) [Unreleased]
    13. Michael McLardy - Kiss Goodnight [Baker Street Records]

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