Mix James Wilson - Exclusive Guest Mix for The Junk n Funk Podcast

Discussion in 'Music' started by jamesclimax, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Exclusive guest mix I was delighted to be asked to do for the excellent Junk n Funk Podcast series.


    Thought I would record something a little different, so here's a deep, dark and dubby techno mix. Massive thanks to Paul McGuinness (twitter.com/5wolvesPaul) for having me on.

    Narcotic 303 - Other Reality [Complex Textures]
    James Wilson - Refu (Original Mix) [Jingo]
    Yuuki Hoori - Hide [Hypnotic Room]
    Pedro Aguiar - Kyoto [Flow Vinyl]
    Steve Parker - System 22 [Ovum]
    Woo York - Smoke Signal [Soma]
    Concolor - This Used to be My Playground (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Perplex]
    Chocolate Avenue - Name of the Game [Audio Elite]
    John V - Year Zero [Sui Generiz]
    Sasha Carassi - Vection [Bedrock]
    Klement Bonelli ft. Robert Owens - Wild (Torre Bros Remix) [Krome]

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