Equinox Zodiac Laser for sale (literally brand new)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Trancending, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Hi All,May or may not be of interest to anybody but I have an Equinox Zodiac green laser (60mW) for sale. I bought it for the second event I had brand new from Chemical Records and has been used once. The laser cost £150 and is literally as new. Not a mark on it.

    The only reason for sale is I now have no use for it whatsoever.


    DMX channels: 12
    Laser diode: 1 x 60mW Green (532nM) DPSS laser
    High speed scanner with extra wide scanning angle
    Patterns/Animations: 255 amazing images that can be zoomed, rotated and expanded through the X, Y and Z axis
    Operating modes: Sound Active, Auto, DMX
    Power consumption: 15W
    ILDA compatible


    Power supply: 240V - 50Hz
    Dimensions: 252 x 215 x 171mm
    Weight: 2.3Kgs

    To view the capabilities of the laser take a look on YouTube where there's a number of videos available. It definitely offers a lot for the money.

    £120 or best offer plus any postage costs (no more than a tenner i'd say)

    Any questions please email me at john@jbarkess.com

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