Release DR084 Helix² - To Love Again [Remixed] inc. UDM and 3DW vs Madders Mixes OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Music' started by Cliffy Burrows, Mar 16, 2015.

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    DR084 Helix² - To Love Again [Remixed]

    To Love Again (3DW vs Madders Remix)
    To Love Again (UDM Remix)
    To Love Again (UDM Dub Mix)

    OUT NOW Click link below to purchase:

    Next up on Digitized is a set of remixes of one of last year's biggest tracks, Helix² - To Love Again. The original release was a huge success for the label and these new remixes look set to deliver again with top quality versions coming in the form of a 3DW vs Madders Remix, a UDM Remix and UDM Dub Mix.

    First up is the 3DW and Madders. Instantly you can tell that this is a darker rework. The big low end on the kicks and fx orientated percussions and techie sounds will offer listeners a different alternative to the UDM version. The dark rolling bass and minimal percussions along with tech style fx and sweeps mean this version will be for those of you who prefer the darker edge of uplifting trance. The vocals are aren’t so evident as the track builds towards the break, with pads and fx dominating the build, giving this a great tension. The vocal are used to build the breakdown up more and the atmosphere is created with panning fx and pads. There’s some really clever vocal fx used as well. Even though its darker this version still has lush pianos and pads in the break that will have people reaching to the sky. The main lead is a massive, slightly sharper edged saw lead arp, that just builds and builds. The energy in the build is great, and the drop will smack listens round the head with a lovely bit of tech trance. Loads of fx and grit will mean this track will sit well in the middle of a tech set, and will add a great element to sets like this with the bits of vocals, two styles which don’t get mixed this well this often.

    Next up the UDM Remix, which is driving right from the off with his recognised rolling bass style and driving percussion. Tough claps and deep chunky sub bass move the track along until the vocal comes in. With it the vocal brings a key change with it. As the vocal develops the track pumping arps continue to build the atmosphere and the vocal really comes into its own as all the elements build seamlessly together. At the break huge warm pads and piano’s build the euphoria, before the dreamy vocal re-enters the track, supported by a pure uplifting lead that builds and builds. This rework is a real hands in the air uplifter and will send crowds into a frenzy in clubs everywhere. At the drop big pads and arps give the track a really pumping energy and the vocal complements all the elements perfectly. This track is likely to be a huge remix of a track which has already been a huge success for the label.

    Lastly UDM offers a dub alternative to his first rework. Still with the same energy but focussing on the instrumental elements of the track and with some additional 303 sounds and uplifting plucks to build the track it arrives at the break with a similar feeling of euphoria. With no vocals at all featured in this dub, this version makes for a great uplifting trancer, if vocals aren’t your thing. An equally good option for any set and one that’s sure to do well as well

    Another great pack from Digitized, and following the success of the original release in 2014 these new reworks are likely to mean that Dj’s everywhere are spoilt for choice when it comes to spinning these stunners.

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