Release DR083 Jessica B - Soul Catcher inc. UDM and Matt Harrison Mixes OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Music' started by Cliffy Burrows, Mar 16, 2015.

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    DR083 Jessica B - Soul Catcher

    Original Mix
    UDM Remix
    Matt Harrison Remix

    OUT NOW Click Link below to purchase:

    Next up on Digitized Recordings comes label newcomer Jessica B with her massive uplifting banger, Soul Catcher, supported by two strong remixes from UDM and Matt Harrison.

    The original mix doesn’t mess around right from the outset with a rolling bass and snares building it up to the first drop where the bass hits. The rolling trance and gritty sub is complemented well by simple yet effective percussions as elements filter in to build the tension. Subtle arp melodies build the track further adding a dreamy feel to it, aided by pads to build the tension. The track continues to grow and build with a slightly progressive feel as it nears the drop. At the break big warm strings and low bass pads are complemented by an ethnic sounding square lead that will get people reaching for the sky before the main lead even enters the track. A filtering uplifting arp gradually builds the track up to its crescendo with snares and kicks raising it a level. At the drop big pads gives Soul Catcher a lovely warm feeling that’s sure to keep people’s hands in the air as they get their groove on. A great debut track on Digitized from Jessica, and the first of many to come.

    First up on remix duties is Digitized regular, UDM. This remix has a pure uplifting feeling to it and that’s evident right from the outside by the rolling saw bass and pumping feeling on the mid basses. Acids build the track to the bass drop and low bass is clean and warm. In this rework big chords filter in raising the temperature and tension of the track as it builds towards the break. More progressive in the build, like the original the chords give the track a real warmth and the subtle acids give it energy so it rolls along nicely, before filtering down for the break. Big dreamy and glassy pads dominate the break and subtle break beat rhythms give the track a new vibe at the drop and create a real feeling of euphoria to build the crowd to a state of frenzy before the uplifting arp filters in to build the track to a massive hands in the air moment. At the drop the track kicks it with a pure uplifting drop. The layer gel to together perfectly and listeners will love this track wherever they hear it.

    The final remix comes from Matt Harrison who gives it a more techie feel right from the off. A more gritty rolling bass, gritty claps and tech fx build this track to the bass drop, where a big off beat bass hits you with bang. Using filtering FX and acidy sounds the track continues to develop with its techie theme giving it a real energy that will go down well in a higher tempo set. Light saw plucks and filtering voice pads build the track to the drop. Sticking with the more tech trance feel the fx carry the tune to the main lead which comes in supported by big pads, keeping the feeling more energetic and building the track up to a massive drop. The drop is where this track really comes into its own and is sure to get hands pumping the air with its energy and drive and clever glitch effects. A wicked remix and definitely one for the more tech trance lovers than the original.

    Another great pack from Digitized, kicking off with a great debut from Jessica B and support by a tech and pure uplifting remix, meaning yet again Digitized deliver a top quality release with something for every style of uplifting trance lover.

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