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    "Truth Exposed" holds no boundaries with it's up-tempo rhythmic energy, driving, hypnotic beats and action packed track selection, that exposes the truth within and is the latest promotional DJ mix from DJ Sarana - available for download in WAV format.

    Listen | Download: >>>{ HERE }<<<

    Finnish Psytrance DJ Sarana has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical spectrum of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelic trance.

    Influenced by the sounds of Mad Tribe, Spirit Architects, Transient Disorder and Mono Sapiens to name just a few have significance in DJ Sarana’s soundscape exploration, taking her deeper down the rabbit hole of psychedelic trance.

    With sets aired on Psylicious Radio and, Finnish online radio, Kaaos Radio, DJ Sarana is turning heads within her native Finland and beyond.

    DJ Saranas' ear for music and rhythm as a trained former dancer are two elements that are clearly evident, combined with her octane driven energy she transmits onto the trance-floor fully engaging with crowd!

    01: Cambium – Nevermind
    02: Fiction & Cylon – Emission Lines
    03: Blot – Quantum Leap
    04: Spirit Architect – South Wind
    05: Akratas – From Here To Reality
    06: Auditiva – We’re the Future
    07: Amplify & Psiger – Kali
    08: Djantrix & Spirit Architect – Temple of Madness
    09: Akratas – Pleiadian Hyperdrive
    10: MoRsei – Mind Over Matter
    11: Becker – God of War
    12: Amplify & X-Side – Universal Possibilities
    13: Amplify & Mono Sapiens – Allahu
    14: Parasynthax – Twisted Perspective
    15: Roja -Abyss
    16: Z-Cat & Azax feat. Michele Adamson – Closer

    DJ SARANA - Links & Social Media: Linktree
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