Podcast Deep Site Sessions Episode 008 with Rory Cochrane & Koala

Discussion in 'Music' started by roryc, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Hey Nucastle....

    Bit late on putting this up but here it is episode 008, with myself and our new brazilian artist 'Koala' (Galvanic/Soul Industries)


    Hour 1 with Rory Cochrane

    Loz Goddard - Frame of mind (Addex remix) - Apollo
    Leach & Lezizmo - White Sands (original mix) - Deep Site Promo
    Mass Digital - I Can't believe (Original mix) - Karmak Red.
    Addex - Memory Box (Original mix) - EDM Underground.
    Alex V - Sensual (Original mix) - Sophisticate.
    Koala - Move on (Original mix) - Deep Site Promo
    Kiano & Below Bangkok - Tape (Original mix) - Back & Forth.
    Jevne - Moderize (Asadinho remix) - RvS
    Nova Scotia - Loose Leaves (Alex Neivel remix) - Unreleased
    Jelly For The babies feat. Khari Mateen - Decided to love (Chris Lamper remix) - Kommunity.

    Hour 2 with DJ Felippe Camargo aka Koala)

    Marco Grandi - Soulounge (Addex Remix)
    Rishi K. - Unity Gain (Original Mix)
    Over Range - Groove The Day (Original Mix)
    Onur Ozman - Akzeptanz (Deep Active Sound Remix)
    Stereo For Two - What Girls Think About (Nacho Riveros Remix)
    Bas Roos, Nick De Morsain - Moving Around (Original Mix)
    Juan Lombardo - Under The Bridge (Original Mix)
    Teddy Richards - Miami Deep (Original Mix)
    Addex - Time Capsule (Original Mix)
    Soul Minority - Take Me To The Rhythm (Original Mix)
    CDP - Life Has Value (Beatkilla Remix)
    Dirty Culture - You Should Play This One (Original Mix)
    Koala - Nordic Harbour (Original Mix)

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