Clubbed Up Radio Podcast 075 with Tim Xavier

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    Clubbed Up Radio Podcast 075 with Tim Xavier

    Clubbed Up Podcast : 075

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    This week making his Clubbed Up debut is the man behind man made mastering, head honcho Tim Xavier

    American techno DJ/Producer, Berlin Transplant who is also the mastering engineer at his own vinyl/audio mastering company, Mandmade Mastering.

    Loved and respected by many, feared by some, Tim Xavier's passionate personality and lifestyle have kept him on the forefront of techno since his first releases almost a decade ago. On the stage Tim is known for his undeniable talent as a once-hard techno mixer turned minimal trend-setter, playing a diverse blend of deep minimal, techno and house music with classic technical skills.

    Behind the scenes Tim has made himself a great reputation as a mastering engineer doing mix-downs, digital and vinyl mastering for clients such as Wagon Repair, Spectral, Minus, and Clink. He has become an underground secret, a doctor of audio, and has had his hands on the output of many of our favorite artists.

    As a producer Tim's sound is admired, analyzed and followed, with a personal style that is overflowing with maturity and fluent simplicity. He is a techno Beethoven, deep, dark and emotional, and lets his tracks breath by manipulating a few simple ideas in each experience.

    Tim is most currently noted for his involvement as a main artist on one of the most fast-rising labels from America, Clink Recordings, and also works with Tony Rohr as the Afternoon Coffee Boys.

    His new album Viperfish is out now so go check it out on all major download sites.

    Your hosts and residents Danny Roberts & James Burn will once again be warming up proceedings.

    Tim Xavier's Tracklist

    Tim Xavier - Incarnation Intro
    Butane - Little Helpers 1-2
    Danilo Vigorito - Run Run
    Joel Alter - Omerta
    M.Gervias - From the Beginning (Tim Xavier remix)
    Danilo Vigorito - Walk Around - Plus 8
    Hans Bouffmyhre - Don’t Tell My Wife (Julien Piacentino rmx)
    Anderson Noise - Parana (Dustin Zahn's Beats Tool)
    Speedy J - Trails
    Danilo Vigorito - I saw the Light
    Strict Border - Reboot Me
    Alexi Delano - Ambivalent tr1 Mv1
    Someone Else - Little Helpers 2-4
    Echologist - Slow Burn

    Danny & James' Tracklist

    Layo & Bushwacka – The Longest Day (Mirko Loko Remix)
    Carlo – Darker Than Black (Elef Remix)
    Uner & Los Suruba – Barnisbar (Edu Imbernon Remix)
    Danny Fiddo & Affkt – Points (Radio Slave Edit)
    Carlo Lio & Timid Boy – Balloc
    Danielle Tignino – Woodanza (Oliver Klein Remix)
    Donna Beatz & Darius Syrossian - Meeting Aideen (Alex Cellar Remix)
    Kai Alice – Polyester Static (Chez Remix)
    Maetrik feat Sabb – Marinda
    Chris Lattner – Need More Time (Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray Remix)
    Hermanez – Snarey Business

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