Becks goes shopping

Discussion in 'Fun Stuff' started by my monkey, Jun 9, 2002.

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    Becks goes shopping

    David Beckham goes shopping, and sees something interesting in the
    kitchen department of a large department store.
    "What's that?" he asks.
    "A Thermos flask," replies the assistant.
    "What does it do?" asks Becks.
    The assistant tells him it keeps hot
    things hot and cold things cold. Really impressed, Beckham buys one and takes it
    along to his next training session.
    "Here, boys, look at this," Beckham says proudly. "It's a Thermos flask." The lads are impressed.
    "What does it do?" they ask.
    "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold,"says David.
    "And what have you got in it?" asks Roy Keane.
    "Two cups of coffee and a choc ice," replies David.
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