a new record shop, opening in newcastle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 586, Oct 2, 2014.

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    I've bitten the bullet and putting my money (lack of) where my (considerable) mouth is.

    I'm on the 3rd floor, within Commercial Union House, on Pilgrim St. Same side as the old Odeon. Next to Bus Stop M.

    Currently, selling 2nd hand records - Soul, Disco, Alt, House, Electro, Techno. Many from my personal collection and other collectable, I've found on my travels.

    At present, there's about 4000 records for you to look through and I'd hope there's a few treats in there!. I have a listening post rigged up, so feel free to listen to some records, before you buy. Prices from £2 upwards.

    As momentum gathers, I'm looking to be selling the best of the latest releases in Disco, House, Techno. Classic remastered albums, local artists and labels and have a quality 2nd hand selection too.

    Feel free to LIKE me on fb. 586 records

    I look forward to hopefully, serving a few of you, in different ways than I used to.. hahahaha
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