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a weekly selection of mixes from members of the message board. includes sets from residents of some of the best club nights in newcastle.

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episode 72 - promise classics


Those of you who spent every Friday at Promise will appreciate this one. Mixed by Dave Magee (bigdave).

mory kante - yeke yeke - hardfloor mix
delerium - silence - original fade santuary mix
satoshi tommie - love in traffic - creamer and k mix
richard f - cookie dough dynamo
corvin dalek - the atheist
iio - rapture - creamer and k mix
sasha and emerson - scorchio
chicane - auntumn tactics - thrillseekers mix
hemstock and jennings - crimson soil
plastic boy - silver bath
green martian - industry
ratty - sunrise
dj hinx - el viendo
hennes & cold - 2nd trip - dj scott project mix



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